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The words are the spark.

Our current word limit for submissions is 1500 words. Do you think we should... 

113 deviants said Up it! :noes: I write much longer works. (how much should we up it?)
57 deviants said I think it's good like that. :heart:
11 deviants said Other. (tell us!)
1 deviant said :stare: lower it! (why?)

Devious Comments

2 or 2.5k is probably good. Like somebody else commented, perhaps those submitting works of 1.5k+ should have to comment on works of comparable length. Or, my idea, they should have to comment on more than 1 work.
I'm sure others have expressed this opinion, but I think it would be fair if you either got rid of the word limit or capped it at around 5000 and implemented a rule that you much critique a close to equal amount of words in order to get in. My piece has 2500+ words? No problem! I'll critique another long piece or a couple of poems!
ThePenVsTheSword Feb 2, 2013  Student Writer
I'd say at least 2500 words.
2.5k is a good cap for basic short stories.
ErrantCrow Jan 29, 2013  Professional Writer
I'm not certain how long my stuff is normally at this point but 1.5K is....woefully inadequate.

Two words: combined total.

When you submit for a contest or portfolio, you are sometimes given a choice. Submit 1 piece that is X number of words or multiple pieces that add up to X number of words.

In critique terms, a critique of a 3K story is worth 2 critiques of 1.5K stories. Make people add a word count. And assign points for different poem and story lengths (reviewing a haiku vs. Paradise Lost should be worth different points). I think there's a critique bias towards shorter stuff...but if I need to earn 3 points to get my long piece accepted, heck, I might be more likely to review the longer pieces since I have experience writing novellas and can offer better advice.

And that's my second point: no novella lengths. It just doesn't work...but a way to put these authors together for private crits would be awesome! Still, don't blast the roof off the word limit, just raise it. An 8-10K short story approaches oxymorondom.
I think a points system would be far too complicated to keep up. :shrug: but making people who submit longer works critique a longer work isn't as complicated and is basically the same concept, which is what I think we'll do.

Yeah, I don't want no neverending story either. :paranoid: we'll just see.
ErrantCrow Jan 30, 2013  Professional Writer
Excellent. It doesn't need to be a strictly enforced code...but general guidelines on what you consider short vs. long would help there.
RebbieChan Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'd say up it, I write a lot of short stories and they are pretty much all above 1500 words, most are from 1500-4000 ish.
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